In 2006 it seemed my body just ached all over

It was painful to sleep and even more painful to stand and take those first steps in the morning

I couldn't help but think – what will my life be like as I age and get older

That year my sister gave me a magnetic bracelet for my birthday

I was skeptical and could not help but think “what could a magnet possibly do for me”

I was amazed – I slept better the very first night I wore the bracelet

It was a relief not to toss / turn all night and have to move because I hurt

I purchased more bracelets and began to wear one or more every day

In three weeks I noticed my lower back pain was gone

The body aches as well as the back pain I suffered with for over a decade – has not returned

It was wonderful to have my life back and feel energetic once again


I started designing and making magnetic bracelets that year

Through the years I have met many wonderful people

I am always delighted when they share their stories – a few are listed below


SandraDesigner of Magnificent Magnetics Jewelry

As a Massage Therapist, I have been able to help people find relief from pain from pain for over 30 years.

I have been very impressed with Sandi's Magnificent Magnetics products.

I bought an anklet in July 2010 - it did wonders for me - ending pain that had been with me for 20 years.

In July 2011 I acquired a necklace which helped me with my left shoulder pain.

I would highly recommend Sandi's Magnificent Magnetic products.

To put it bluntly - They Work!

They are worth more than she charges.


Roy Bamfiedl, L.M.T.          Murphy Massage, Murphy, NC - www.murphymassage.com

                                           Murphy Pottery, Murphy, NC - www.murphypottery.com


I was skeptical, but my wife, Barbara, purchased a magnetic bracelet each for the two of us

at a hamfest in Dalton, GA in February 2008. 


I had been suffering with a painful neck for a week or two. 

On the way home that afternoon my neck eased off.

I have not had that pain again since. 

I am not sure how it works, but it does.


Barbara has a right shoulder replacement. 

When she lost her bracelet temporarily not very long ago her shoulder started paining her. 

When she finally found her magnetic bracelet and put it on, her shoulder pain eased off.


We wear our magnetic bracelets all the time even in the bed at night. 

The only time we do not wear them is when they might get wet such as in the shower.

Barbara and Jimmy Piper (W4HON), West Point, GA

I was in a lot of pain after pulling a muscle in my right back/shoulder.

I wore the magnetic bracelet and it made a tremendous difference in pain relief.

All in only a short time of wearing it.

Once again – I could resume sleeping on my right side.


Sam McInturff – K4MOS, Blue Ridge, GA

I found the bracelet works for me.

One night my leg cramps really woke me up.

I knew I would not get sleep, so I put the bracelet on at 3:00AM

I was asleep by 3:30AM as I did not hear the chime.

So I readily fell asleep – pain free!


Helen Z, Buffalo, NY

Bought a beautiful silver bracelet at Hiawassee Summer's Last Kiss Festival in 2010

My right hand has arthritis and I have learned to sleep with my bracelet on so.....

I can open and close my hand in the morning without pain.

I wear it to work, church, weddings, funerals....wherever I go.

It is so pretty.


Anita D - Hiawassee, GA