Magnetics - YES - It Really Works

Magnetic Therapy – YES - It Really Works!


  • Effective, Non-Invasive, Drug-FREE: Magnetic therapy is a natural alternative way to treat a wide variety of ailments to help reduce pain, help increase flexibility, and promote the body's own natural healing process.

  • Wide Acceptance: Individuals, Health Professionals, Professional Sport Trainers and Athletes increasingly use magnetic therapy and report favorable results from wearing magnetic jewelry or instruments for therapeutic purposes.

  • Adjunctive Therapy: Magnetics is often recommended to be used in addition to and in combination with other traditional modalities.

  • Ancient Therapy: Magnetic therapy has been used for over 3000 years dating as far back as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians who first discovered its healing properties associated with muscle pain and stiffness. Magnetic lodestones or *magnatite* were used on the body by Chinese healers as early as 200 BC to correct unhealthy imbalances in the flow of qi, or energy.

  • Pain Disruption: Pain is an electronic transfer from the site of pain in the body to the brain. Magnets simply attract the electronic impulse. As a result the flow along the nerves to the brain is disrupted. If the electronic impulse does not reach the brain – there is no pain. Magnets do not heal or cure ailments. By interupting the pain message to the brain magnets simply act on the symptoms or pain associated with the ailment.

  • Gauss Strength: Gauss - is the term used to describe the magnetic rating or magnetic power / pull of magnets manufactured for physical and mental healing.

  • Recommended Gauss: At least 800 gauss minimum is recommended for mild pain. For higher levels of pain a gauss in the range of of 2000-3000 is recommended (magnetictherapyfacts).

  • KEY - High Gauss Magnetic Clasp: All clasps used in Magnificent Magnetic Jewelry greatly exceed recommended levels. A 6x6 mm magnetic clasp is used on the woman's single bracelet. The woman's double bracelet uses a 12x6 mm magnetic clasp for double magnetic strength. A larger and higher gauss strength 8x8 mm magnet is used on men's jewelry and anklets.

  • BEWARE – of Cheap Substitutes: With the recent interest in magnetics, there are many "magnetic" products being sold in drugstores, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. Many only have a stretchy band and do not even have a magnet. Magnetic beads alone do not have sufficient gauss strength for pain relief. Wear them to be pretty – but do not expect them to provide much in the way of pain relief.

  • Disclaimer: Magnificent Magnetic products are not intended to "treat, cure, or prevent" any disease, nor are they being sold as medical devices" or to replace professionally prescribed medical treatment. The magnets simply disrupt the pain signals that travel to your brain in your nervous system.

      • The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits claiming therapeutic abilities from products without first registering with them.

  • Consult Your Doctor Before Use: If you have any concerns regarding the use of magnetics, are pregnant, wear an insulin pump, pacemaker, defibrillator, or electrical implant or device for medical reasons.


Get Peace of Mind – Check it Out and Decide for Yourself!

Over the past 50 years hundreds of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of magnetic therapy as being an effective, non-invasive, drug-free way to help reduce pain, to help increase flexibility and promote the body's own natural healing process.

More recently, there has been a growing body of academic inquiry and research to study the application of magnetics in support of the proper structure and functioning of the body

  • Research: Both the pros and cons of magnetic jewelry before purchasing any magnetic product, including Magnificent Magnetic Jewelry for therapeutic purposes.

  • Link: The following connects to a select library of scientific studies, media reports, and bibliography on magnetic research. Use it as a resource to help you determine for yourself if magnetics is something you believe in and want to try.

  • Therion:

  • More Information: Can be found by going to and typing in magnetic research.

Good Luck!